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Win an advertising scholarship worth $25k

Macleay College is offering aspiring creative thinkers and account managers the chance to win an advertising scholarship worth $25,800, which covers the complete cost of the 12-month diploma of advertising course.

Submissions are now open for the annual scholarship, which will be awarded to a student who demonstrates exceptional creative thinking. The deadline for applications is the 31 January with the winner being announced on 7 February 2015.


2014 Scholarship winner Patricia Tamayo

All applicants must submit the following pieces of work:

1.     An exceptional piece of creative work (or documentation thereof). This can be a painting, sculpture, digital art, design project, multimedia project, performance, event, story, essay, article or blog.

2.     An essay of no less than 1,000 words explaining why you want to work in advertising and why you deserve the advertising scholarship.

3.     An original print advertisement (A4) to sell plain and simple drinking water. This must include a key visual, headline, body copy, product logo and call to action. The advertisement can be presented as a sketch or Photoshop mock-up.

4.     A written rationale to support the print advertisement. This should include a description of the concept and the target group that the product is to be sold to, as well as suggestions as to where the advertisement would be best placed (in which magazines or newspapers, or in which locations and markets).

5.     All documents should be compiled into one A4 PDF document with a minimum resolution of 150dpi.

 Advertising scholarship rules:

1.     The winner will be judged by the head of advertising and the college dean.

2.     The winner must be enrolled to commence studying as a full-time Macleay College student in Trimester 1 2015 and pass the first 8 units of the 12-unit diploma of advertising course (the normal academic progression) by the end of Trimester 2 2015.

3.     Applicants must attend an interview at Macleay College during the review process.

4.     The winner agrees to be involved in the promotion of Macleay College including but not limited to: articles, images, videos, Open Day, industry workshops and events.

 Applicants can email their PDF document to with the subject line ‘Advertising Scholarship Application’, or alternatively entries can be printed and mailed to: Head of Advertising at Macleay College, Level 2, 28 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010.

 For more information on the submission criteria please click here.

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Macleay College is hosting Open Days at its Sydney and Melbourne campuses on 17 January 2015 for those who wish to learn more about the college and the courses on offer:

Sydney Open Day:

Melbourne Open Day:

Advertising to give local graphic design a boost in 2015

Rachael Micallef is reporting in that the Australian advertising industry is increasing it’s demand for digital designers in 2014/2015 with a 4% revenue boost forecast for that period. This is very encouraging news going into the new year, for local digital designers as the advertising industry embraced multichannel campaigns versus traditional print, radio and television.

“Adland is investing deep into digital and it’s not just boosting its own bottom line. Multichannel graphic designers have seen a major boost in revenue as a result of carving out a niche in this speciality advertising area, according to a report from Ibisworld.

The report is forecasting growth from Australian advertising agencies will flow into specialised design services, resulting in a boost of 4% revenue growth over 2014/2015.

Much of this is based on the adoption of digital technology, which has led to bigger multichannel advertising and wider branding strategies, all of which require strong design.

Ideaworks executive creative director Tom Hoskins told AdNews the increased demand is ‘absolutely’ something it has seen in its business. The GPY&R agency specialises in shopper and retail executions and Hoskins said the business has a specialised team which works on graphic messaging.

‘Smart brands realise that they need to invest in graphic design or tangible experiences,’ Hoskin said.

‘Brands are investing in design much more than just a simple veneer of experience and the digital explosion has helped that become much deeper. So design has now almost permeated the whole way through from start to finish.’

Bloke creative partner Mike O’Rouke said his agency brings in graphic designers on a freelance basis when they are needed rather than outsourcing the skills, so he hasn’t seen this trend in his own business.

However he said design overall was starting to play a bigger role for marketers and brands.

‘Design is solving a lot of people’s marketing problems because it goes across so many different channels. So you have to nail that first,’ O’Rouke said….”

Reproduced in part from by Rachael Micallef