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Check out these outstanding advertising student projects.

TypePlay® at Macleay

Inspired by Jessica Walsh’s AGDA keynote presentation Play by Your Own Rules, and Jessica’s design workshop by the same name, Julieann Brooker ran a TypePlay® workshop for our Creative Process students at Macleay College.


The client:  Pacific Artisan, a new online shop that sells ethically sourced and produced fair-trade products handmade by women from countries in the Oceania region and indigenous Australia.

The biggest advertising related problem:  How to promote yet another online shop in the Australian market, with a minimal budget. No real promotion has been done yet other than infrequent Facebook and Twitter posts.


The creative task:  To develop branding and advertising to target socially aware women, aged 35+, and persuade them that the relaunched online shop will provide an easy way to buy unique hip cool products made locally by women living ‘off the beaten track’. To use creativity and design to do good.

Why TypePlay®?  Let’s get serious about play. In Dr. Stuart Brown’s 2008 TED talk, Play is more than just fun, he shares how contemporary innovation and creativity has been impeded by the reduced use of our hands. In fact, it’s currently a condition of employment, in problem-solving roles at NASA and Boeing, to have worked with one’s hands.

Play is boosting creativity and innovation for young and old, across several domains, (Brown, 2009), and studies indicate work and play are complimentary, (Staw & Barsade, 1993). Hence, it’s an ideal practice for developing branding and advertising.

“Play is nature’s greatest tool for creating new neural networks and for reconciling cognitive difficulties.” (Brown, p. 127, 2009).

The students made their own rules and played.  

PA_4 of prep

Constraints included materials, limited words, and time. They split into groups of 2-4, selected words and brand statements to portray, sketched ideas and tested materials. From a wellbeing perspective, play is an excellent conduit to integrate our lives and ourselves, and especially useful in building trust, a valuable commodity for group work!

The cohort regrouped for a quick critique, then photographed and recorded their work as pics to be used in marketing, the website, and social media.

PA_brookeOne team used the products and some props to create a stop motion piece of an island village.

PA_3 of Village

“Nothing lights up the brain like play”, Stuart Brown, 2008. 

The rewarding project continued in the Social Media and Digital Design units, and the bountiful creative concepts presented pitched to a panel of judges at Publicis Mojo.


You can browse the Pacific Artisan story, and purchase their authentic range of off-the beaten-track products here.


Advertising student Brooke Demenzes writes about developing a new brand and advertising campaign for a live brief  for ‘Pacific Artisan’.

IMG_040913 students were given a baby. A baby without a face.

Her name: Pacific Artisan.

Over the next few months, it would be to their discretion in moulding what they think would be a clean, fresh look for this baby before handing her back.

Before enrolling in advertising, one would imagine that working with a real client would be amazing. Get a real taste for it, experience first hand what it’s going to be like out there in the real world, really peacock the hell out of yourself.

IMG_1540Then you get the brief. Suddenly your ideas role over one night and ask for an annulment. They just pack up and leave and suddenly, they’ve move in with the opposition. You hear from a few people that they are really happy together and they’ve made an idea of their own.

So you’re alone. You even have to start shaving again just so you attract a new idea. But nothing. It starts to feel like you’ll come up with something brilliant after the assignment is already over. Then something amazing happens…

You immediately scan the room in search of the person you want to share the stress with. Done! Together the ideas start flowing. Pacific Artisan_1

So in a nut shell, Macleay Advertising students had to put together an entire look for the brand; give it some personality. Pacific Artisan as a brand has always been to make and distribute beautiful hand made products from a struggling demographic overseas, but to show no emphasis on the dire needs of these people, and more on the celebration on what the future holds for them instead.

It was our job to bring this brand identity to life. We needed to create a logo, colour schemes, mood posters and give the fonts we chose personality descriptions…Picture2

We eventually got there.

The day came when we finally finished and let me tell you, it was a beautiful moment.

Now, to tidy it all up over the next few weeks before presenting….

Stay tuned for the wrap up.


By Brooke Demenzes, Diploma of Advertising

Ad Students create new commercial for MyDish

Macleay College’s advertising students recently had the opportunity to develop and produce a commercial for the home cooking service ‘MyDish’.

From the development of the concept, copy and storyboard, the students then filmed and edited the commercial. Each took on a different production role, from production manager, to casting, styling, locations, camera assistant, gaffer, grip and editor.

Check out the results below.

Owner Tim O’Donohue was thrilled with the results:

A huge thank you to the advertising students of Macleay College, for My Dish’s new 60 second advertising film. After meeting with the head of the advertising faculty and video production lecturer, Ian Thomson at Macleay College’s Open Days with my son, My Dish was offered the opportunity to brief 2015’s advertising students on our business, products  and services in order for a TV commercial to be created. Following the briefing, the students developed a detailed analysis of the target audience, a key message for the advertisement and storyboarded the whole video. To create authenticity, the filming was done at our home with the cast consisting of family and friends. On the day, we were all blown away by the professionalism of the students who were in charge of everything, from set, food styling and costuming to lighting and sound. Five weeks after the briefing, we were presented with a polished and professional TVC, edited by the students themselves. We couldn’t be happier with how everything went, and are thankful to Macleay College for the service they provided to our small business. We can’t wait to put it out there and see the reactions from our existing customers, and our target audience!

Thanks, The Team @ My Dish”

Advertising Student Exhibition goes ‘All In’

It was an event to rival a Gatsby party. The 2015 graduating advertising students got their Charleston on at the end of year exhibition of student work.

It was a chance for the family and friends who have supported the graduates on their journey throughout the year, to celebrate the students’ graduating portfolios. A year of hard work, perseverance and incredible opportunities displayed for all to see.

Highlights of the evening were the keynote address from Macleay advertising graduate and now Associate Creative Director at JWT Will Edwards, who will be teaching ‘Brand Experience’ in the Bachelor course next year. Will gave our graduates some sound advice about the industry noting that “we have the opportunity to influence change and make things better; environmentally and socially”. With a list of ten tips for surviving the industry he reminded the graduates to “never, ever panic” and to always be a sponge.


It was wonderful to welcome so many family, friends and industry guests including the team from The Hallway; Brad Bennett, Hannah Sturrock and Catherine Alexander who were there to support graduate Ashleigh Hogan – who won the award for Best Print Ad.


It was also a great chance for previous graduates to catch-up and share their stories now working in the advertising industry.

The students’ work included print, digital, social media, radio, tv, marketing and media projects. Macleay College prides itself on offering students real-world learning, and this year’s show features collaborations with industry partners such as campaign ideas for ‘Our Watch’ against domestic violence with GHG, the home-cooked food delivery service ‘MyDish’ and designing the “If” section for B&T Magazine, a series called “Untranslatable Words”.

The winners of the awards for BEST OF on the night were:

  • BEST PRINT AD: Ashleigh Hogan | “Peckish Crackers – Keep it a Secret”
  • BEST OUTDOOR: Dion Heal | “Thredbo – Boredom Free Guarantee”
  • BEST RADIO: Nathan Sarmiento | “Coke – Australian Athletes”
  • BEST VIDEO: Dion Heal | “H&M – Prove them Wrong”
  • BEST SOCIAL: Samantha Harley | “Netflix – Summer Fix”
  • BEST MEDIA PLAN: Kyra Brown, Jaime-Lee Mills, Samantha Harley | “Green Mosquito”
  • BEST MARKETING PLAN: Kyra Brown, Samantha Harley, Ashleigh Hogan | “The Rhino Project”
  • BEST CAMPAIGN: Dion Heal, Tegan Gallagher, Laura Hemsley | “Our Watch – the Pig”
  • BEST PORTFOLIO: Samantha Harley

Click here to see the gallery of photos from the event. 


In 2016, in addition to the 1 year Diploma,  Macleay College will also be launching a 2 year Bachelor of Advertising and Media.

For more information email advertising program leader Ian Thomson on