Premium Made From Cool

If you’ve never met the world’s weirdest super-powered tailor, hold onto your pants during this campaign which will leave you freaked out. You will never forget the person who could simply attach buttons with his fingers, cut fabric with bare hands, cuts threads with the snap of his fingers, and (ouch) how wool is sheared with bare hands just to get the perfect Premium quality.
Danish clothier Jack & Jones, a fashionable menswear brand aimed at the young consumer market, hired Copenhagen ad agency & Co. to create the campaign theme “Made From Cool” for its sub brand Premium. PREMIUM by Jack & Jone is a brand focusing on craftsmanship, high quality, attention to detail and style before fashion. Director Martin Werner, one of Scandinavia’s most awarded and highly sought after directors, produced the series of five short films, whose primary target is the online media – Jack & Jones’s Facebook Page, Jack & Jones’s Twitter Page, Jack & Jones’s Pinterest Page, Jack & Jones’s Google+ Page, Jack & Jones’s Instagram Page. The titles for the advertising films are: “Sewing it up”, “Making the cut”, “On the button”, “Wool from cool” and “Knit the wit”. The choice of personality is the key to the campaigns success.
Who is the coolest, not just hype cool, I mean creepy cold coolest type other than the Oscar-winning actor known for his unmistakable brazen drawl, Christopher Walken who doesn’t say a word but instead, just stares. He has appeared in more than 100 movies but no campaign films because of his no-campaigns rule. These spots were especially created for him, which is why he made an exception. He represents style rather than fashion, just like his acting which is first class. He is a great representation of the Jack & Jones brand and now their favourite style icon.
Christopher Walken is “Made From Cool” himself, wearing the Jack & Jones label. In each film, he goes about making clothes in an insanely intense, meticulous, and strange supernatural way. They are creepy yet brilliant ads that do a good job of selling the brand as stylish and high quality.
In each film, Walken’s piercing stare builds tension to enhance a hypnotic atmosphere. You wouldn’t want to look away and miss a moment or you just might get your finger cut off. The short films take place in a dark neo-Gothic New York City loft. Beams of lights through frosted windows, dim interior lighting, smoky hazes, iron, headless mannequins, jail-like railings create a creepy haunted house like aura in each room. The timber floor creaks, without making a sound. The space is juxtaposed with elements of warmth – sitting next to a fireplace knitting. Dark tones of warm and cold greys, charcoal black, steel, with touches of dark timber browns, and ochre are key elements of colour used for visual effectiveness.
The sounds of creepy flicks, hypnotic ticking of an old grandfather clock (there are 3 in one room), mad drawing, tearing, the whip of a measuring tape against the floor, and a super- speed sewing machine keep the viewers attention. The sounds are set against a collaboration of music between music stylist Jesper Gadeberg and Soundtree featuring Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds off their latest album, Push the Sky Away. The track is called We Real Cool. “Who took your measurements from your toes to the top of your head?”
The success of the campaign has been reported in London’s The Telegraph, GQ magazine (UK), Adweek, and is building its online presence. Danish agency &Co has won the 2013 Epica Awards film grand prix for its ‘Made From Cool’ campaign.
I never thought I get so spooked about needles & threads. Sharing my comments about the only advertising campaign with Christopher Walken was as a thrill. Jack & Jones styled men will know the mysterious works that go into the quality of each shirts, sweaters, and suit worn.
Agency: & Co., Denmark
Creative Director: Thomas Hoffmann
Art Directors: Thomas Hoffmann, Martin Storgaard Production Company: Bacon
Film Director: Martin Werner
Production Company Producer: Mette Jermin Agency Producer: Arlette Walsoe
Agency: & Co., Denmark
Creative Director: Thomas Hoffmann
Art Directors: Thomas Hoffmann, Martin Storgaard Production Company: Bacon
Film Director: Martin Werner
Production Company Producer: Mette Jermin
Agency Producer: Arlette Walsoe

Mountain Dew Slip N Slide

Mountain Dew Slip and Slide advertisement features itself on YouTube. It starts with a man carrying a bike up a set of stairs outside in sunny weather. The young man is unusually formally dressed for bike riding and in particular, overdressed for riding down a steep ramp that will soon be in shot. This immediately grabs the audience’s attention.
It’s soon revealed that the ramp leads to a large pool. An exciting slow motion effect is used as soon as he leaves contact with the end of the ramp. Creating suspense and keeping the viewers eyes glued to the clip. It’s an impressive amount of “air time”.
Just before he impacts the body of water the footage is back to real life speed and the music starts to play. The music is one of many strong points the advertisement possesses. The music is funky, fast paced, generally happy and young without trying to hard to relate to the younger market.
There are quick shots of other young people of both genders going down the seemingly slippery ramp with different uses of camera work. Every shot has a unique way of grabbing your attention. The use of the camera is great because nearly every shot offers something different. If it’s not a different stunt on the slide, it’s a different angle that adds a near interactive viewing experience. This is created with the point of view camera work and close up shots of various experiences in the day.
Only once did I feel as though I was being sold a product but even then, the creative and fun way they get around the task of being noticed didn’t take me away from the experience. This was achieved with what seemed to be a GoPro attached to a Mountain Dew bottle recording a young man attempting to slide down the ramp while drinking at the same time. The logo is seen clearly enough. The shot is exciting fun and placed at the end of the ad as a good way to leave with the product shot in the final scene. This is a good solution as it embodies the brand / product with the fun of the day and doesn’t just claim to hold the values the clip conveys at the end with a graphic and a call to action.
The director seemed very well prepared with what he wanted out of every shot in relation to the timing of the day. It appeared to be shot all in one day and uses the sun nicely in the background for the majority of the angles. This adds to the feeling of summer and the bonus of good lens flare in a lot of shots.
The shots had a good balance of happy faces, daring slide stunts, funny mistakes and quirky shots and made for an enjoyable watch and great example of brand sponsorship.

Post by Sean Johnston

British Airways Looking Up with Digital Billboards

Our phones are smart, so why shouldn’t our billboards? British Airways have taken outdoor advertising to a whole new level by recently installing two technologically advanced billboards in London that really make the viewer say WOW!

The billboards use custom built surveillance technology that track the aircraft as it passes over the site, showing on the digital display the video of a child pointing at the aircraft overhead accompanied by its flight number and destination it’s arriving from.

Abigail Comber, British Airways’ head of marketing, said: “This is a first, not just for British Airways but for UK advertising. We all know from conversations with friends and family that we wonder where the planes are going and dream of an amazing holiday or warm destination. The clever technology allows this advert to engage people there and then and answer that question for them. We hope it will create a real ‘wow’ and people will be reminded how amazing flying is and how accessible the world can be.”
This digital billboard is an exceptional example of agencies harnessing technology in innovative ways. Gone are the days, we’re the audience are going to look at ad in a newspaper or billboard just because it is big, what we need to do it connect. The agency behind the Look Up billboards – Ogilvy London, have created a beautifully simplistic campaign that no doubt has incredibly complicated technology in the background, I look forward to one day seeing a behind the scenes of the process.
What I really love about this ad is how it brings a sense of the childlike wonder back to flying, in todays world we can fly to another or city or country for just a day, British Airways has no doubt successfully brought some magic back to the airline with this piece of advertising.

Post by Kean Edwards

Intelligent Sounds: Intel’s tablet powered band

Intel released a vivid dynamic peace of advertisement to the world of social media, on the 25th of September they released a you-tube clip, about a robot named Felix. The clip showed off the power and potential intel tablets possess, by creating music with the devices. In doing so, they collaborated with the artist Flume, who gave the advertisement a very special element.
Apparently when Flume was the one who showed the creative and production teams, how to create different sounds with the use of unusual objects, such as; a lighter and a pin hitting a can. The creativity of Flume, really helped build the clip and in doing so he created a song just especially for Intel.
In speaking with the agency “finch” who were the production company for the advertisement, and the ones who created the translusive environment shown in the clip. Finch also had a big role with creating all the robots that where used to create each element of sound in the ad.
The creative concept goes to the “Monkey’s” and how they really found a great area for Intel to expand there digital footprint as a brand. In doing so, Intel has been positioned as an innovative cultural fit in technology, rather than their old positioning which was more clinical and plain.
I must say that having the collaboration of a highly regarded artist like Flume, and the production company “Finch” who built all robots in house, was a great way to go for Intel, and I hope to see more innovative cultural pieces that shows the creative power of there technology.

Post by Daniel Koublachivli 

Solfes – Limitless

Ironlak has once again teamed up with street artist Sofles in what seems to be a sequel to the Ironlak ‘Infinite’ video. People wondered how they could possibly better the ‘Infinite’ video however with the help of Sofles friends Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench ‘Limitless’ easily surpasses it. The 5 minute time-lapse video takes place in a soon to be demolished warehouse in Brisbane and follows the four artists as they painstakingly transform the warehouse into their canvas.
The idea behind this video is probably the strongest thing about Limitless. Whilst time-lapse videos have been done before the sheer size of this video and the amount of time and effort compressing itself into a 5 min video is extraordinary. This is what will send the views through the roof as when people can appreciate
The music is another strong point of the video it is extremely current and defiantly appeals to Ironlaks target market. The choice of electronic music is an extremely good one as its popularity is quickly rising among today’s youth. The intense music is a great link between the fast pace of the visuals and also the intensity of the street art on display. The decision to Dj Butcher, a popular Australian artist, also gives this ad credibility in maintaining Ironlak as an Australian brand.
The only negative thing about this video was that it ended. I was fully encapsulated throughout the whole 5 minutes and whished it could have kept going. I am really hoping that they release some extra content such as a behind the scenes. I think that would be extremely interesting to see how much effort and hard work went into the making of the video.
The combination of the idea and execution made this online content extremely enjoyable to watch. Whilst it will appeal strongly to the target market it will still appeal to the general public due to the skill level shown throughout the whole video. This is shown in the amount of views it has received on YouTube, since its release on the 22nd of November it has received over 6 million views.

Post by Luke Churchward

Burger King hates ads too

Pre-rolls; we have a love/hate relationship with them. We love them because they work and are great for effective targeting, but we hate them because we just want to watch Miley Cyrus’s new clip already. This was the basis for Burger King’s latest digital campaign; they’ve made 64 pre-roll placements making fun of the format, targeted them towards young males and placed each contextually to reflect what the guy was about to watch. Worth watching just to see how dismissive of their own great deals they are!


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